Come Visit. Stay A While. Get Kinsale'd.

The Kinsale Museum

History and community have always been key elements of life in the historic riverfront port of Kinsale, where in 1977, three young Kinsale natives -- architect Harry Lee Arnest and historians Frank Bailey Jr., and Walter B. Norris Jr. -- spearheaded the creation of the Kinsale Foundation.  They were joined by other area businessmen and historians like Earl Carter Moss of Moss Chevrolet, Edna Sanford Douglas, the Bevanses of Bevans Oyster Co. and the Cardens of Potomac Supply in forming Kinsale Foundation.  They envisioned a group that would welcome newcomers to the historic village and unite in protecting Kinsale’s environment -- both cultural and physical. In the ensuing years, the foundation has bought property for public use, as well as collecting and safe-guarding documentation on local history.  The Foundation co-hosts holiday gatherings with Cople District Volunteer Fire Department.

The Museum building (which at various times housed a tavern, a butcher shop, and many other businesses) was given to the Foundation by Arnest's widow in 1989.  After extensive restoration, Kinsale Museum opened to the public in 1993.  The two work hand in hand to promote preservation of Kinsale, which became a historic district in 2005.  The Foundation has since bought the old Ice Cream Parlor and will be creating gallery space there.   continue reading

Pictured Below:  The Kinsale Museum.   Located at 447 Kinsale Road, Kinsale, VA  22488.  Hours:  Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  For more information, please call Lynn Norris, Museum Director at 804.472.3001, or 804-450-7651.  Click here to email Lynn.  Also Pictured Below: A variant of Bill and Ann Lewises KNSL bumper stickerThe Kinsale Museum.