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New History Museum Trail Links Museums and Historic Sites From Colonial Williamsburg Through the Northern Neck

The museum trail will feature nearly 40 sites, some of them somewhat “off the beaten path”, and a web site that will lead them along an exciting path of discovery.

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. – Visitors and residents of Tidewater, Va. will soon have a roadmap to lead them from the famed Colonial Williamsburg and along a rural path that showcases nearly 40 small historic sites and museums. Literally.

The Tidewater Virginia Historical Society – formerly known as the Colonial Capital Branch of Preservation Virginia – is building a History Museum Trail that starts in Williamsburg and stretches throughout the Middle Peninsula, into the Northern Neck. It links many of the museums and historic sites along Virginia’s byways, encouraging visitors and residents to experience more of the region’s rich history. Physically the trail starts in Williamsburg. For the traveler, though, the trail starts in front of a computer or on a smart phone at The History Museum Trail will feature an interactive web based map (with mobile applications) with information about each museum and historic site located within a short drive of Williamsburg. This trail will include travel directions to get seamlessly from one site to another, and places to lodge and eat along the way.  The first version of the trail’s web map is expected to be available online this summer.  Each museum features unique collections with a local slate on their area’s traditional culture and heritage, as well as how it played into the overall growth of the state and country. Trail visitors will also be able to search and choose to visit museums that feature specific historical topics of interest, including Civil War, African American, maritime and 18th Century Anglican churches. “The Tidewater Virginia Historical Society’s vision to create a museum trail in the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck is an opportunity to showcase the region and contribute to local economies,” said Virginia Del. Keith Hodges. “Through sales, income and employment, the museum trail positions the area for unprecedented growth.”  The Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula are already destinations for many vacationers utilizing the region’s vast natural resources to boat and play along the Chesapeake Bay’s waters. “We are very excited by this new opportunity for the museum to expand our base of visitors,” said Middlesex County Museum and Historical Society Board President Marilyn South.

The Middlesex County Museum & Historical Society is located in Saluda, on the Middle Peninsula, and is one of the stops along the trail. This small museum covers more than 400 years of local history with expanded exhibits featuring fossils and Indian artifacts, 19th Century textiles and clothing, a 1930s country store, agricultural and industrial tools, historical money, toys and medical instruments.  The Middlesex exhibits also contain stories of the county’s past, including our African American history, Civil War, Revolutionary War, WWI and WWII eras, and tales of its most famous local resident, Lt. Gen. "Chesty" Puller, the most decorated Marine in U.S. Marine Corps history.  “It is only natural that we highlight the many historical gems that lie waiting to be uncovered,” Hodges said. “The economic growth, both direct and indirect will greatly impact our region with very little capital outlay. The vision of these of these dedicated volunteers will create a natural roadmap to enable visitors to navigate our beautiful and historic peninsulas." 

ABOUT THE TIDEWATER VIRGINIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY:  Following 125 years of service to the preservation of Virginia’s antiquities as the Colonial Capital Branch of Preservation Virginia, the Williamsburg based historical society is expanding its services into the new organization of the Tidewater Virginia Historical Society.  The society’s territory stretches from east of the fall line, north to the Potomac River.  “The Board of Directors, volunteers and partners of the society serve as promoters and interpreters of history, archeology, preservation and cultural heritage.” said Board member Forrest Morgan. The society works to actively promote and partner with historical, archeological and other like non-profit organizations such as the Middle Peninsula’s Fairfield Foundation. The society is also planning lectures, tours, educational programs and periodic social events continuing the traditions of the Colonial Capital Branch..

Because of the society’s history in preservation and historical education, its members and partners will serve as a resource to other historic societies looking for resources, speakers, guidance and education.  In addition to the History Museum Trail, the Tidewater Virginia Historical Society is planning a public archaeology project. Thanks to a partnership with the Fairfield Foundation and York County, a new archaeological dig will kick off to explore a former Carter’s Grove slave quarter in New Quarter Park. Details about the project and how the public will be able to participate will be available at a later date.

Learn more about the Tidewater Virginia Historical Society at:  For more information, email 

Renovated Ice Cream Parlor Will Be Dedicated to Frank M. Bailey, Jr. on Kinsale Day,  September 21st.

Kinsale’s old Ice Cream Parlor (which dates to 1922) will be dedicated to the late Frank M. Bailey Jr. on Kinsale Day (Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013).

Frank M. Bailey, Jr.Frank Bailey Jr. died
in July of 2000, but his
memory lives on in the
hearts of his friends
and family.  We know
he’s glad that Kinsale
continues to welcome
new neighbors and to
share the stories of
bygone days.

We are dedicating this Waterways to his memory as well.
We know how proud Frank (a historian of note and one of the founders of the Kinsale Foundation) would be to see how lively and welcoming this historic building is looking these days. Like Kinsale’s other grande dames of that vintage, she certainly carries her years well.

Since fall of 2012, here is what’s been happening:

Khajit Wyszynski created a nice strong replacement window for the attic and did a quick cosmetic fix on the porch.
The capacious attic has been cleaned with Herculean effort.
Sharon Beninghove is still sneezing and tied up in contortionist’s knots.  Hub Haydon and Bobby BealeThis great space has been insulated and floored, as well.  Bevans Oyster’s carpenters Hub Haydon and Bobby Beale’s backs (pictured left) will also NEVER be the same.
Bayside Electric rewired and installed brilliant new track lights and dimmers.

Philip BeauchampPhillip Beauchamp (pictured right) mended ceiling holes, baseboards, crown mouldings, and some walls. John and Gail Sigler measured for, ordered and will hang new blinds in the 12 windows and on the doors, with some help on the cost from friends.

David and Michael Butler Painting at Ice Cream ParlorThe task of Painting was taken on by David Butler, and his son Michael Butler (pictured left as Mitchell Hackett looks on)--the Butler's carrying on a family tradition of father and son working together as David did with his Daddy for 20 years.

French kisses for Kinsale!  Drama about LaSalle’s ill-fated final expedition filmed at White Point

LaSalle’s struggle is being captured in a 23-minute drama for the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin. Although, sadly, this footage will NOT be coming soon to a theater near us, it should be worth a trip to Texas after opening night in November 2014.  LaSalle, as portrayed by Greg Cooper.In 1684, on his way into the Gulf of Mexico to establish a French colony at the elusive mouth of the Mississippi, one of his four ships (St. François) was pursued and purloined by a Spanish privateer. Another (L’Aimable) ran aground, and a third (La Belle) was sunk by a severe storm, a “blue norther,” in which she was insecurely moored with a single anchor, according to Director of Theaters, John Lewis. The fourth (the warship Le Joly) returned safely to France. Well, sort of safely. Things Did Not Go Well There, either, while the King’s men were inquiring as to the fate of the rest of the expedition.
Although LaSalle claimed Louisiana for France, he didn’t find
the Mississippi’s mouth, he didn’t capture any Spanish silver
mines, and only a tiny fraction of the 300 who left with him for the New World on this trip lived to tell the tale. These included the young Talons, who were held captive by Spanish forces for a number of years after his men mutinied and shot LaSalle and his nephew (along with his servant and native translator.)
White Point was chosen as a location to film because of its quietude, the unspoiled land and waterscape, the hospitality of the Redfearns and the proximity to D.C. and Maryland. Cople District VFD offered exuberant support.
...... Continued in this Waterways.
Cox store ledger shows purchases from 1817Excerpt from Cox's Store Ledger Circa 1817
AT RIGHT: One of 98 pdfs, representing a series of scans of the pages of an 1817 ledger from Peter Cox’s store in Kinsale. David Jett, curator of Richmond and Essex County Museums, not only kindly channeled this ledger to Kinsale Museum, but scanned it for us, too.
This ledger came to Richmond County Museum from Robert
S. Ryland (655 Fifteenth St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20005;
202 879-5086., son of Warsaw
attorney Charles Ryland. It was with a group of such records
of years gone by, the others being from Richmond County. The soft and tattered brown suede cover and its binding are hanging together with a few threads. The early months of what were probably also 1817 sales are covered by a melange of neatly stripped-in printed articles and engravings. One date in the scrapbook section is 1872 (on a poem in someone’s memory). About halfway through, the ledger is no longer covered by the scrapbook material. The top line on the first visible page is “Kinsale, Wednesday, June 4, 1817, 145/17 9 ½.” The ledger continues past Nov. 17, 1817 (there are three more pages with illegible dates). David Jett also gave us a copy of An Over-the-Counter View of Heathsville in the 1870s from the Bulletin of the Northumberland Co. Historical Society, Vol. XLVIII-2011, by Thomas A. Wolf. It addresses a similar ledger. This will stay with the Ryland ledger.

...... Continued in this Waterways.
Abstract available of official Civil War records pertaining to the Northern Neck:

Below is a sample of info available on a CD containing extracts from the official records of the War of the Rebellion (Civil War), pertaining to the Northern Neck, as abstracted by Ed White. Copies of the CD are available for $5 or at

OFFICIAL RECORDS: Series 1, vol 46, Part 1 (Appomattox
Campaign) Page 549 Chapter LVIII. EXPEDITION INTO
MARCH 11-13, 1865.-Expedition from Fort Monroe into
Westmoreland County, Va., and skirmish (12th) near Warsaw, Va. Report of Colonel Samuel H. Roberts, One hundred and thirtyninth New York Infantry. HDQRS. THIRD Brigadier, THIRD DIV., 24TH ARMY CORPS, ARMY GUN-BOAT.
CHAMBERLAIN, Point Lookout, Md., March 13, 1865.
GENERAL: In my report of March 9* I had the honor to state my intention of starting the next morning for the Potomac and the vicinity of Coan River. The Northerner, being too unwieldy for the service required, was exchanged for the Massachusetts and the Pioneer. This change, together with the coaling, delayed me until the 11th instant, at which date the expedition again left Fortress Monroe at 8 a. m. We reached Piney Point, just above the Saint Mary’s River, at dusk, and waited there for the slower boats to
close up. It was my intention to land at Machodoc Bay and march first on the village of Montrose, but there being no place where troops could be landed rapidly the plan was changed, and 5 a. m. the next day we sailed up the Yeocomico River, and landed at Kinsale.

...... Continued in this Waterways.

Kinsale Day 2013 to highlight progress...

Flashback: Kinsale Day 2012 focused on helping Mother Nature

Summer Safari Dance
4th of July Celebration in Kinsale!
Kinsale Christmas is a Gift of Love
Christmas in Kinsale, December 7th, 2013, will be here before you can say "Jingle Bells!"

... continued in this Waterways
Athena the OspreyHello,  I'm Athena, the hungry Osprey who lives at Marker #5 outside of Sandy Point Marina.  You may have enjoyed seeing me flying about in search of fish for my babies. I NEED YOUR HELP!

I'm looking for Seafood and other GREAT recipes that really make your friends sit up and take notice.  Won't you share them with me?

Please email your favorite seasonal recipes to my friend Bryan   All Recipes collected will be shared on the Recipe Share page on this site for all to enjoy. 

Please include full name along with your recipe so we make sure you receive proper credit.   If sending a recipe from a published source, please include name of source for proper citation  I.e. ("Summer's best peach cobbler" - Southern Living Magazine, June, 2013) 

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